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To 17 May- We have created an adapted training schedule. Classes will run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in sport centres from 17 May.  A reduced sport centre timetable will run in the holiday periods with the benefit of FiiT45 Online.


ONLINE 10am FiiT45

Rivermead Leisure Centre

4pm U8 Beginners White & Yellow Belts

5pm – U13 Beginners White & Yellow Belts

6pm U13 Green, Blue & Red Belts

7pm Under 18/ Adults & Beginners welcome



Rivermead Leisure Centre

6pm Red Belts

7-pm Black Belts I Degree +

8pm All Black Belts



ONLINE 10am FiiT45

St Crispins Leisure Centre Wokingham

Beginners Welcome to all classes

5pm U8 White & Yellow Belts
6pm – 7:30pm U13 Open2All 
7:30pm- 9pm U18/Adults Open2All + Black Belts


Rivermead Leisure Centre

6pm U13 PadWork
7pm  U18/Adult PadWork



10am FiiT45

Rivermead Leisure Centre, Reading

4pm U8 Beginners, White & Yellow Belts

5pm U13 Beginners, White & Yellow Belts

6pm U13 Green Blue & Red Belts



 St Crispins Leisure Centre, Wokingham

10-11am Open2All U18/Adults Beginners Welcome