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UK Open Championships 9 & 10 november 2019

Congratulations to all who took part in the UK Open Championships which took place last weekend in Guildford. Thames Valley eventually had a reasonable turnout of 23 competitors who all ended up having a great competition.

Samuel Mill, Lucas Hopkins, Samar Chana, Darryl Boulton Jr, William Baldwin, Ryan Cullen, Jack O’Donnell, Samita Lama, Spencer Brooks, Ramak Farahani, Natasha Whiteley, Dinis Linhares, Amine AlHouari, Jody Johnson, Balraj Purewal, Simi Purewal, Charithaa Botchu, Charan Botchu, Supreeth Manda, Alannah Scott, Laura Wolny, Hunter Bowden and Stanley Schofield.


  • Ryan special technique
  • Sam patterns
  • Darryl sparring – and tag team sparring
  • Jody sparring
  • Laura sparring


  • Spencer sparring
  • Jack sparring and special technique
  • Samita sparring
  • Laura patterns
  • Hunter sparring
  • Samar sparring
  • Supreeth sparring
  • Stan special technique


  • Samita patterns
  • Simi patterns
  • Charithaa patterns
  • Jody patterns
  • Darryl patterns
  • Sam sparring
  • Amine special technique


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